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Countdown to Marathon

I may or may not have told you about a marathon I am doing in a few weeks. Like September 29th - 9 weeks away!

I did the half last year. I really, really wanted to do the full marathon but decided that 2 half marathons in a weekend were going to be challenge enough. (I did a half marathon the day before this one) This race helped cement my desire to put myself to the ultramarathon test.

Since I got my running mojo back, I gathered up a free Runners World Smart Coach plan and really hope to not die during this race. I know that 9 weeks isn't a long time to really prepare for a race after such a long time off... but that is why I am giving 12min/mi a shot. I am using the plan below as a rough draft plan. There is a good chance I won't be doing speedwork or tempos, but that's just me being lazy.

The Marathon distance scares me. Maybe because it's a bordering running line between fun and serious training/running. I run all distances for fun, but a marathon for fun? That …

The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances...

The Oatmeal had a post that I kinda related to. I shared it on Twitter this week.

The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances...

 I related to more then one part of this comic. Seriously love the ranch on the fuel belt!

What parts do you relate to? If I could change the Skittles to M&M's and the fuel belt taco to pizza above, well, that is how I roll. ;-)

I Got My Groove Back!

How long have I felt I have been on this semi-sabbatical from running? 2 months? I felt the last 2 weeks, I've been back into the running groove.

Although DailyMile doesn't really reflect that...

But last night was basically 8 miles. 8 nearly perfect miles.

On the Hard Guy trail.

With quite a bit of smoke in the air.

I called in sick to work and running outside was really what I needed to do. I really did need this as a mental health day.

I will be changing jobs soon. I have 2 job offers (although not dream jobs and both a dollar cut in pay) and am playing phone tag for another job (sorta dream job, but not really, but really want it.) Either way, that means I will be having a day job in the next few weeks. That means no more mid-day runs and more sunrise and sunset runs. I was ok with it being 100 degrees last night. I enjoyed not having the noon-time sun beating down on me.

I did not enjoy seeing these things. Are these those Japanese Beetles? Creepy as heck but thankfu…

iAM Fusion Awards

So, I may have mentioned this a few times in the few times I have been posting here, but there was an award I was nominated for.

Saturday was the big day of knowing if I won or not!

I was nominated for the Boise iAM Fusion awards for Top Athlete.

Serious. Top Athlete. Fo realz. That's my name there!

Yes, there was a Red Carpet walk.

 I took this very serious. The BF was not as excited as I was. Obviously.

Got my hair did. Made the BF buy a new suit. I have been getting my nails done in preparation for the big night.

I was hoping having an aisle seat was going to be lucky. Easy to jump and run down to the stage and get my award...

After hours of being nervous, I didn't win. I'm sure I was 2nd place. I had fun and it was super exciting to have been nominated. Thank you to all who voted and you all have a year to prep your voting fingers for next year. ;-)

Now, I'll work on my beer drinking abilities with some increased running mileage in the days, weeks and months ah…

Boise Running Groups

While I am still on my running/blogging/social media sabbatical, (aka i'm being hella lazy) I still want to have some sort of relevant connection to all of you. I miss all of you! I have a giveaway post that I need to just hit PUBLISH on (serious! It's been waiting for over a month!) and I want to tell you all what I have been up to (Race review! So much YOGA that my HANDS AND FEET have DOMS!!! Netflix obsession-I watched that Breaking Bad everyone is talking about! Job searching-blah! Preparing for the Fusion Awards!) But, until I get my butt back into the running/blogging groove, here is an update that I mostly stole from a Blue Circle Sports email, which some of my own info added at the end. :-)

There are many local running clubs you can join.  Some are focused on training as a group to participate in events, some are more focused on individual achievement and some run to raise awareness or for charity.  

Group Name: Boise Galloway Training

Meeting Times/Days: Saturdays @ …