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Movin' On

Things are changing around my parts! Well, my "parts" aren't changing, but things are changing!

If you look back at some of the grumbling posts previously made over the last year or so, you may or may not have gotten the drift that I am unhappy with my job. Which has affected my running/blogging life the last few months.

Well, this month, my work life balance has changed!


I started a day shift job. No more shift work for me! No more getting to bed when most of the US is getting up to start their day!

I also am starting up the massaging a little bit more. If you need a massage Boise area peeps, lemme know. I am very excited to finally get licensed... after 11 years of being certified! 

My new job that is day shift is a desk job. I have never had a desk related job before! Although I may not be putting my university education into use, but my 2nd job (massage) and I had to submit my massage licensing because, well, I should put my 11 years of certifications and t…