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Tips for Beginner Runners - Guest Post

Since this Monday is an 11 hour workday for me, I don't want you to be bloggie neglected. Thankfully, I have a guest poster to share great running tips with you today. :-)

Tips for Beginner Runners

When you first start to run it can be difficult and you may want to give up and throw in the towel, but those who stick with their running program will be rewarded! You should set a goal of how many miles you think that you can run per week and increase the amount as your body strength allows. Do not set your goal too high, but at the right amount of distance that will allow you to improve your cardiovascular health. Instead of thinking in how many miles you can run when you are a beginner, think of how many minutes you are able to run.

Think About What You Plan to Achieve

When you plan on running, have a reason, or set a goal. This will encourage you to improve on your ability to run. When you want to lose weight for instance, you can monitor your weight to see if you are losing what you…

Blue Sky Is Blue

I just wanted to share some pics of my weekend. I went up and down the Hard Guy trail both Saturday and Sunday.

10 miles of this on Saturday and 16.4 on Sunday! It was slow. And almost a punishment! Partially because I have thrown my marathon training plan out the window and I have not kept up with many regular runs. Also, desk job plus too many carbs have became an issue.

If anyone in Boise needs a massage, I'm looking to add more new clients to my schedule. Email me for more deets...

There are no filters on these pics other then sweat, sunscreen and maybe some road grime from dirty hands picking up cans to recycle in the street. The sky really was this blue and clear on Saturday. It really was amazing!  

My phone didn't capture the array of earth tones here. There were so many shades on the hill here. It was so pretty!

My new favorite section of trail! Such a shady treat after the uphill grind of Hard Guy!

I think next weekend, I am going to explore this section of trail…

Morning Motivation

It seems like an awful lot of people have put on their blogs recently how sorry they are for ignoring their blogs.

I don't feel so alone. But I do feel bad.

I know that my running is mildly back burner-ed , my weight is creeping up, and I am mildly in panic mode because of it.

You know there is some marathon thing coming up I've pledged my running soul to do. I'm sure there will be tears, limping, and walking around mile 20-26.

And I said before I am trying to get some running in with my new work schedule and all.

And part of that plan was trying out before work morning runs. I've slept in my running clothes this last week. And I did 2 dark'o'clock runs!

And I loved it. Sorta. It was only 1-2 miles Thursday & Friday, but it was SOMETHING! And it wasn't SO bad when I was half way into that first morning run.

It wasn't that I had my gear already on that helped me out the door. I mean, I can wear my running clothes and sit on the couch and not feel …