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Worked at my Workout

Yesterday, I had some construction going on down the street from me. They screwed up and broke my water line. I didn't have water all day. I had to go to Starbucks to brush my teeth!

So, because of that, I wasn't gonna go run on the greenbelt in the freezing weather without a hot shower after. No F'n way! So I went to the gym and I forced the new boy to go workout with me.

 I told everyone it was because he had to take pictures of me working out for my blog.

Which he did.

I threw the ball against the wall. My new favorite thing to do at the gym. 

I did some ropes. Which I can't do too late at night because it gets my heart rate up so high I can't sleep! This makes me sad since I workout at night, and I know that the ropes sure get a burn going! But, I like my sleep more.

I did some weights, which was going to be the point of another blog post I have wrote up, but I never got that far with pics.

Since I work here, and I told my coworker that the new boy was here …

I Need Help From The Bloggerverse!

OK. I know a friend who has some flaxseed. I asked if I could use some, since I'm a cheapskate and knew they were not exactly barreling through it. I needed just 1/3 cup of the stuff.

I wanted to make this recipe I found in a recent issue of Runners World.

It's all healthy and shiz. I have all the ingredients except the flax! 

Said "friend" gave me 9 pounds of the stuff.

Said friend was not exactly barreling through it like I knew they weren't. 
So, my question to the bloggersphere is WTF do I do with all this ground flax?
I don't want to throw it away - I REALLY hate waste. And I don't know anyone who will want it. I would offer a bloggie giveaway, but it expired in May, so I don't want someone getting all up in my shiz about that. It's all sealed and I'm not afraid of some harmless seeds. I think the chia seeds in my fridge are older then that...
I can say that I won't be adding it to any smoothies because 1. I don't have …

Keeping On The Insipred Train

If you have not signed up for FitFluential yet, I would highly recommend that you do.

For a quick and easy sign up - Do so here.

I am saying this again only because of a new Fitfluential hashtag on Instagram. Which just came out in a perfect time to propel my workout and fitness motivation. You know, that whole swimsuit selfie thing. I want to be lighter, faster, and lose my winter weight gain.

If you follow my IG, I have been making a post about my workout everyday since the hashtag came out.  I don't want to give myself any more excuses to not workout. And the new hashtag is what I need.

The #FFCHECKIN is keeping me motivated and accountable to my workouts everyday. I am pretty excited to make some fitness gains and being inspired by everyone's #FFCHECKIN on IG. So far, it is working and I have not given up.

Speaking of inspired - this made my weekend.

Katy is a writer for the Idaho Statesman. I expect an article to be written about how awesome and inspiring I am. ;-) On…

Struggling With Consistancy

I'm motivated, and then I'm not.

With the New Boy around, I really struggle with breaking away from the couch to spend an hour or 2 alone with the greenbelt. My weight is up 4 pounds since this last summer. It's not a lot, but hard enough for me to get rid of when its there.

I want to do the 50K I did last year, again this year. But with the training plan I have going on above, it would really hurt if I did attempt it. I want to really win and place in more races in 2014. I can't really do that if I struggle with being consistent in my workouts.

Good news is my work schedule has been switched around and has been just perfect for working out after work. I feel silly when I have the whole gym to myself, and I don't do some form of lifting for at least a half hour to an hour after.

Monday, I ran around the indoor track for almost an hour. The 2 weeks previously, I spent a couple hours total doing supersets for my upper body and rowing on the rowing machine.

I want t…

Run 4 Luv Running Blogger Meet Up!


Yes, I AM doing Run 4 Luv. February 8th, 2014. My next Boise race in a couple of weeks.

No, I don't know which distance I am doing. I am guessing at the 10K as that is what I did last year. But I may grow some ovaries and do the half. I have some time to decide for sure.

Yes, I will probably be wearing the same red sparkle skirt, if not the same whole outfit as last year. I'm boring and predictable and lazy like that.

Yes, I have been in contact with a few other local runners - ( and Yes, we ARE going to have a meet up there. We HAVE to. We keep missing meeting up during the however many races previously. Before the race? After? Yes? Yes?

Interested? Lemme know in comments below or on Twitter - @runinboise

Are You FitFluential?

I should have done up this post a few days ago, but here it is now.

I am an Ambassador with FitFluential and have been for a bit of time. FitFluential is a balance of Fitness and Influence and sharing the journey online and off.

Thanks to Fitfluential, I got to share with you my take on the Mizuno Wave Rider. And if you follow me on Twitter, you should know that I participate in my fair share of twitter chats! I also tag a lot of Tweets and IG postings with #fitfluential.
Right now, they are looking for more healthy living and fitness peeps to join up!
It's free, and has some awesome perks, like exclusive discounts and VIP access invites to special events. *hint hint the more Boise area peeps sign up, the more local event opportunities could happen! But anyone in any area can sign up!
You can sign up on this quick and easy form here
You can also follow them on their website, Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, G+, Pinterest, and Instagram

Core Power Fit Kit GIVEAWAY!

While, I have a New Years Day race review to share with you, it is back burnered for the day or week to share with you a giveaway.

I am a new Ambassador with Core Power! And that means that Core Power is sponsoring this post with a giveaway below.

 From their website -
Core Power is a delicious post workout recovery drink for your active lifestyle, Core Power is a real milk protein drink made from fresh, lowfat, lactose-free milk and real honey. Its optimum protein to carb ratio and nutrient-rich profile make for the perfect last stage of every workout. From endurance sports and bodybuilding to running, yoga and cross-fit, Core Power helps you recover faster, build lean muscle and stay at the top of your game. No matter which game you happen to play.

 Milk is one of the best sources of protein, helping to build lean muscle and recharge the body when consumed directly after physical activity. Core Power is the real-milk based sports recovery drink and contains natural whey an…

Action Is Everything

I didn't do laundry after running nearly 10 miles on New Years Day. I had every intention of DOING my laundry after 10 miles of running. I mean, my clothes were in the washer, all I had to do is throw soap in and turn it on.

My laundry never got done.

I had to dig my cold weather running gear out of the washer this morning. I spent more time then I want to admit in smelly running clothes before venturing outside to run.

Gravity kept my butt on the couch, in smelly running clothes, before venturing outside.

I'm steps from the Boise Greenbelt. I have no excuse to make to get where I need to go to run. It's right in my backyard!

I was fed, watered, and pottied, but still I sat.

But then - BAM - shoes got put on and 4 miles got done. All in less time then I spent psyching my self to get out and do it.

My best is someone else's slow. My New Years Day 5K proved that.

I have new PR's to make, weight to lose, strength to build, miles to run.

None of that will happen jus…