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Race For Hearts

I have the racing bug. Not that I have ANY speed right now and my doctor said NO on distance because of my janky knee. But I have the racing bug. In my Robie swag bag, I went through all of the flyers for races coming up. There is a 5K this weekend and I HAD to sign up. It is the Race For Hearts and it is a benefit for the Jayden Deluca Foundation. Stolen from here I love the 11am start time. And the Hawks Stadium is so close to where I live, I am going to ride my bike there. BBQ (although on the site it says Port Of Subs will be there with sammys. BBQ'ed sammys?). Beer Garden. Bouncy houses. Their Facebook says they got a delivery of QuestBars for the event. And people sure seem to love those on the Twitterverse.  Downside is that the race is just a couple days away and there is NO info about packet pick up or anything. So I am guesstimating that this will be race day packet pick up? Whatever it may be, I will be there. You racing this weekend? Did you do thi

2014 Robie Creek Review

I took lots of pics during the race, so be warned. This years theme If interested in the last 2 Robie recaps, read 2013 and 2012 . This year, 2014 was the hardest of the 3 that I have done, but not the worst of my times. This year I finished in 2:51. I didn't go into the race prepared at all. My last long run was the beginning of March and that was a greenbelt 10miler. All the runs that I had in March and April were 1-3 miles a couple times a week if I was lucky. There were no real training in the Foothills, no stair climbs at the gym, no squats in my living room. I had some bike rides for some bike commuting here and there, but nothing of any real substance. 2 days before the race, I upped my water intake. And I started getting worried about being late for the NOON race start. Just random anxiety that I couldn't shut up. I wanted to focus on hydration and light eating the day/night before, but things kinda got a little screwy. I ate somewhat OK - Pho Tam for dinner

Run the BEAST

Now that Robie, the so-called "toughest half marathon in the northwest" is over, it's time to tackle the world’s toughest short distance Run / Walk . Use code TANYA for a discount on any distance!  Saturday, May 3, 2014 Bruneau Beast is the world’s toughest short distance Run / Walk. Come experience a race like no other. 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon at the Bruneau Dunes! Info below copied from the website. Stolen from here Packets: In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and landfill usage and save you time, money, and gas, Final Kick no longer conducts pre-race packet pickup. Just show up a little early to the race to get your race schwag and bib number. Thank you for helping us reduce our impact on the earth! New for 2014: The toughest MARATHON and 1/2 marathon on the planet!! Yeah, we just said that. Swag :  All participants will get a Bruneau Beast hat. Timing :  Chip timing will be provided and results will be posted as soon as possible a

Here We Go Robie

I have Robie to do Saturday morning. 3 in a row, yo. With a lack of training, and a doctors appointment on Thursday - who told me to NOT run this race - whateves... I got some nerves going on.     You don't know how crazy well that CalmAid worked. I got a sample from somewhere and tried it. Wow. No, seriously. I am going to be buying this by the case. I didn't feel this at ease by breathing in lavender oil or dried sachets. This is crazy (and NOT sponsored) awesome. Gear is laid out. (holla Fitsok and SparkleAthletic ) And coffee pot is ready for the NOON start time. I won't be PR'ing this. But I'm ready to have my knee back to normal. Last year - holla See you in the beer line. ;-)

Food Blogging Is Hard - Cucumber Watermelon Cocktail

I am attempting to come up with some new ideas to blog about. I want to share things that interest me because, well, I am a pretty open person and I am sure you all are interested in what interests me, right? I read a lot of food blogs and always want to share my take of some that I try to things that I come up with on my own. Adam autographed this for me at the beginning of the year. Totes recommend the book! I attempted that first food blog today. Food blogging is hard. 1. Despite having a super nice DSLR camera now - thanks to the new boy - it's not as smart, or easy as my cell phone camera for Instagram pics! 2 attempts for the IG win compared to the bazillion DSLR shots 2. I need a better background set up. 3. I can't do pics in the evening and need the afternoon light. I got a ton of windows in my place and lighting is freaking perfect in the afternoon. 4. The new boys parentals are graphic designers. I have access to his laptop with all this crazy gr

Fitness Friday

With the arrival of this glorious weather, (along with Robie coming up next week...) I have a little bit more motivation to get my butt moving. With the knee brace thingie helping my running gumption, I have been trying to stretch out some each day. My hammys are SOOOO tight - they HURT to stretch. I'm taking it as a hint to stretch more often. If you have signed up with FitFluential, you know they have partnered with Puma for an April Ab Challenge to plank everyday. From here I finally got around to starting this on the 6th where I did my first 4 planks and then did the other couple to catch up on the 7th. From my IG earlier in the week I have done a little extra time nearly each plank to make up for starting the challenge late. I can't tell you the last time I did a plank, never mind a 3 minute plank, but a minute forearm plank has me shaking! I have been trying to mix it up by alternating hand to forearm or alternating side planks. I definitely NEED th

Wanna Race This Weekend, Boise?

Hey, Boise! You wanna run or race this weekend? Bling Registration closes TONIGHT for the Lake Lowell Marathon. There are only a handful of spots left for the Half and the Full. The last couple of years, I have wanted to do this race. And the last couple of years, I have flaked out for one reason or another. I wanted to do the half this year but with the lack of training this month, it doesn't look like I will be. BUT if you want to register, register here . Don't forget to use code TANYA for a discount on your race fees for this race or on any of the races listed on Final Kick Events . Are you running or volunteering this weekend?

Workout Wednesday

I have been slacking on my workouts for the last .... month?! Yikes. Robie Creek is NEXT WEEKEND.  And my last long run of 10 miles was... yelp... March 1st... I DNS'ed my St. Patricks Day race because I had a fever and strep. To me, fever = contagious and I didn't want to make it worse. And my knee has been bothering me so I thought I might as well rest. For a month. my daily mile - sigh I attempted a few runs here and there with some KT tape on the knee, but the tape started irritating my skin. So I tried a run without. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Before the knee didn't really hurt but it wasn't "right." Now, I can feel some annoyance when I run without tape and a brace. Although not when I walk and only when I am really cranking on my pedals uphills on the bike. Oh, it is a noisy beast when I squat. So I assume those are not good to do. Sidenote, I think my knee is unhappy from doing some hammy work on the machine. I think