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Fitness Trackers? Which Ones?

Since I been working more from home and running shorter distances, I have not been moving around as much. I have been looking into getting something like a Fitbit to keep me accountable, but there are so many to choose from.

I have had a bodybugg before I started my running journey, and I really liked it.

I recall that I was usually walking 17,000 steps a day at work. On Sundays, I was lucky to get 300. I wasn't a fan of wearing it. I thought it was embarrassing but it worked.

I also tried the Nike Fuel Band and I never felt like it was really accurate. They kept breaking on me and I kept having to return them.

So, I think that I want to try a Fitbit or something like it.

Which one should I look into? What trackers have you used? What do you like and don't like about them?

LBR's and Fooding

I love my bike. I have had my bike since 1999 and I love it. When I met the new boy in 2005 (truthfully, he isn't all that new to me but new to all you. Anyways, another post...) he biked more then I did. He never drove anywhere and would bike from Boise to Caldwell and back like it was nothing.
He made me OK with not driving around just to go down the street and back.

Anyways, side tracked here but he isn't afraid of Long Bike Rides. He likes his bike rides with more of a purpose, errands and the such. I like mine to usually be just the workout. I wanted to do something fun for the long holiday weekend.

I made him take a LBR (long bike ride) with me and have a picnic.

That bike would be perfect picnic bike for me!

I really enjoying riding the whole greenbelt. I like that the further you get in either direction, the less people that there is.

I packed some random things to eat. I made a huge turkey wrap, some drinks and... baby food.

It seriously bothered me to eat baby food, …

Vega Sport - #FuelYourBetter

This post is sponsored by Vega Sport who sent me a box for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are very much my own.

I don't know if you have used Vega Sport products. I have used their products in my fitness nutrition arsenal for a few years. I have used the proteins powders for smoothies, the pre-workout energizer, and the Hydrator. I do like that they are on the veggie-side of things.

I wanted to give the Energy Bars a try just because of the flavor - Chocolate Coconut Almond. Girlfriend loves her chocolate.

Thursday afternoon, I forced the boy to go on a long bike ride with me to Lucky Peak and back. My knee was bothering me and I didn't want to run. I packed up bars for both of us to eat. I had to have an excuse to ride long and I don't feel 3-4 miles each day running is enough of a workout to use these. Usually I bonk hard on 30 mile rides.

We made it from my house to Lucky Peak - just over 14 miles away. I didn't eat much for brekky and I…

Nope. Nope. No Way. Nope.

I wanted to go up and spend some time on the Foothills trails this weekend. I really want to get some real hill work in, but I think I am going to pass and run up and down the 3 stairs leading to my front door instead.

Seriously, ONE tick is bad enough but 80+?!?!


Last year, the week before Robie and 2 weeks before my 50K, I went up the Foothills with the new boy. We had ticks on our clothes. This was the first time I ever had seen a tick. I was kinda freaked out all night. Even though this was a year ago, I remember it very clearly. I don't want Lyme Disease.

Would you brave the hills if you knew there were record amounts of ticks? Even with DEET or Off?

New Running Swag

Who doesn't love new running things?! I finally got around to getting TWO new sports bras that I think that I like. I needed them. I was on my last good bra!

I got a Moving Comfort Fiona. I bought a Vixen last year and never really liked it. I never liked how unflattering the Juno and Jubralee looked on me. I didn't bounce, I just never liked how they looked on me. Which is silly. No one is looking at it when I am running.

 But I think that I am happy with the Fiona. So far after a couple short runs with it, no complaints!

I also picked up a New Balance Shockingly Unshocking. I love their bra names.
It is almost exactly like the Fiona, right down to the inside band. Crazy. I got it on a crazy clearance price at Sports Authority. It is a band size smaller then what I would have even looked at but it was $15 off then the price I thought it was marked at.

I also got a pair of Fit Plus Wear Sound Solution Capris to try out. They gave me a pair to try out and tell you all about …

Itching To Race

I hate racing. I love it but every single time that I race, I come home and want to register for another race. It does get expensive after that 3rd registration in a weekend...

I did that after Robie Creek. I come home all amped on race energy and I registered for the Race for Hearts. And after the Idaho Potato Marathon I registered for TWO races.

First one is the XC12K. I did this one the last couple years and registration finally opened up. I don't know how I will feel about doing this race when it happens. I am planning on a mondo vacay with the boy ALL OF JULY and I don't know how much running I will be doing ALL OF JULY. So, I think come August 2nd, this race is going to HURT.

The second race that I signed up for is the Spirit of the Magic Valley 5k. I have never done a race in Twin Falls. I have been itching to do one there for a while. I asked the new boy if he wanted to go and he gave the green light. Whoot!

So far, only 22 people have signed up for the 5k. I love sm…

YMCA Idaho Potato Marathon 2014

I went into this race as completely non-competitive. I was not even going to push myself or attempt to break into a sweat.

 I had my butt kicked this week being so sick. I had a fairly high fever until about Wednesday. I was feeling better after that when my antibiotics finally kicked in. Sore throat was gone, no fever, just coughing up all the junk in my lungs and I felt weak and tired all week. I have not slept very well all week with the coughing and hacking waking me up. I attempted a run on Thursday and just walked it instead. I did not have any energy!

That was what I was expecting to feel on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was uneventful. Made it to the race start a half an hour early. Did a little bit of a warm up and with 10 minutes to spare I got in line with the crowd. It wasn't too bad but when the start happened, the first mile was crowded.

I forgot the knee brace at home that I have been faithfully wearing. The new boy gave me some $170 brace he found at the thrif…

A Late Birthday Present

I didn't get much sleep Saturday night. I went to bed with a crazy bad sore throat and it kept me up all night. I just got over strep that moved into my tonsils in March. Now I'm getting hit with it again.

Of course it's during my race week. It's not like I am freaking out or anything! This is one late birthday present I CAN do without, thank you very much.

I made the new boy take me to Trader Joe's to pick up this lemonade today.

I think it did the trick last month when I was sick and I am working on making the bottle disappear. Very quickly. I do love it very much.

I think I've gotten sick because I have upped my workload of massages last week, didn't get as much sleep as I needed, and that birthday bike ride drained me more then expected. I also donated plasma for the first time. Mostly I am blaming it on giving up caffeine and going decaf this week.

Note to self - Never give up caffeine right when you start PMS'ing. Let's say its a miracle the …

Yay for Getting Older

Happy Birthday To Me! I'm old now. I decided that I was going to bike my age in miles. There is NO way I was going to run it.

Maybe next year. ..

Downside of getting older is that if I DO do bike/run my age in miles, it means every year MORE miles.

I biked from my house to Lucky Peak and then to Glenwood and back to the whitewater park and then I found the new boy on his bike near the greenbelt at Veterans. He wanted me to bike 6 MORE miles with him as he went to do an errand. Uh. No. I was done and wanted off the bike. I wasn't dead tired, but I was a little saddle sore and wanted off the saddle.

I'm 30-something. Not 40-something. I felt 6 more miles would have defeated the point. And I'm lazy.

Plus I had to get ready to #nom my birthday treats! Way more important then adding more miles :-)

Sushi at Sushi Joy and DQ afterwards.

I love those Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzards so hard.

How was your Friday? Doing anything fun this weekend?
Anything special for Mother's…

What's New In My Running World

A few weeks ago, I ran in the Race For Hearts 5K. It was an OK race. Very small crowd, which if they gave away awards I totally would have placed in my age group! Even finishing in a slow and sloggy 28:00. The race did have cool swag.

I went out too fast, my calves were cramping, and every time I looked at my pace, it kept getting slower and slower.

 And hello to Travy - it was awesome meeting you!

Since today is my birthday, (Happy Birthday To MEEEEEE) I am on the fence about racing the morning after. But Run 4 Garden City is a 5K I have never done before. I am in walking distance to the start line at Veterans Park, so I may do it. It won't be a very speedy race on my part.

I was going to register online on Wednesday and it said it registration closed at 5:00pm. It was 4:00pm when I logged on. So what is Blue Circle Sports on Eastern Time? I thought they were a local company? We will see about registering at packet pickup. I now have to spend $10 extra. grrr. If I do it, I'…

Thursday Randomness

I have some good things happening here and there and I want to share with you.

I had my first grown up yard sale this weekend with the new boy. Hence not posting in a week because it was a week of work, getting everything organized. He brought over some things of his and of his BFF's so we had a LOT of stuff. I have never had one since leaving the parental nest however many years ago. It was stressful and a lot of work and I didn't get much sleep those 3 days worrying about everything outside over night. All in all, I would like to say it was a successful sale and I feel my house is a little bit lighter of "stuff."

Another good thing lately is that I won some swag on a bloggie contest the other day. Yay!

It was for Lilly's Hummus. I love this stuff!

I got a shirt, a bag, and 4 tubs of hummus. I have tried the roasted garlic perviously, but had to crack open the Smoked Tomato & Basil first thing. #nom

Another good thing is proof the new boy is very encouraging…