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Onward Shay 5K Race Recap

Sunday the 28th of October, I got to participate (run/walk, I guess?) in the Onward Shay Marathon. I did the 5K. I could walk the half or full marathon, but I know my running place since I really have not been making too much of an effort to work out with a lot of annoying life stuff right now.

This is LAST YEARS Garmin route and my sloggy time.

 This is this years Garmin route and time.

I wore a Team Beef windbreaker jacket I have never wore before. I thought that it was so thin and had vent flaps, I would have been ok at the 48 degree race start. Ugh, no. I was so warm and sweaty half way through it was embarrassing. My hair was soaked and whatever sweat was inside of the jacket, just stayed inside. My coat looked like it just came out of the washer. It will be a good jacket in 30 degrees or rainy and snow, but not for erfect temp trotting.

I guess nothing new on race day. My bad. Good thing that I am not speedy and attempting a PR.

So, anyways. What I liked about this race compar…

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