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Idaho Wine Run

I was going to do the Idaho Wine Run again this year - for the 3rd year in a row. I wanted to partake in the marathon again this year because I wanted revenge on how miserable I was last year. This year would be a good year to do it too, because the weather has been cooler, I am in a good relationship with someone who is more then supportive on my running - and wine-ing. ;-)

But I think I am going to drop down and just stick with the 5K.

Here is info that I recieved in my email about the race for this year -

Price Increase Alert! Prices go up Monday Sept 1st. Have you signed up yet? Click here to register. Registration Caps! In order to accomidate parking properly, we are limiting the number of entrants. Currently there are 446 5k spots, 435 10k spots, 225 half marathon spots, 68 marathon spots, 93 kids run spots, and 197 spectator wine sampling spots available. We are expecting the 5k to sell out and wouldn't be surprised if the 10k and half do as well. Don't be a sour grap…


With my life being a little on the complicated side right now, I have a big chunk of my things in storage. Everything I have with me right now fits in the trunk of my car. Clothes, shoes, toiletries.

I have only one pair of running shoes. My Muzunio's I received at the end of last year. As much as I like them, and I have been quite happy with them, they are starting to show wear. I can feel the cushiness start to break down and my right foot and knee are starting to bother me.

I don't think they really enjoy the lava rock gravel track I have been forcing them to run on. 

I searched though every box in my storage unit this week to try to find my Hokas. Or even my Altras. But nope. Nothing. No running shoes were found at all. I found some other running gear, tanks and my hats. The BF wants his KAVU hat back that I have fallen in love with. I've had to re-wear some smelly running clothing items every week because I don't want to do laundry more then once a week.

But I ha…

RUN - A SUNDRiED Shirt Review

Sundried - A nice little company founded on the beaches of Peru - contacted me to share with you about their products.

I got their RUN shirt for review. I love that it is soft, organic cotton. It fit pretty well - the Ladies Large wasn't too snug and it was fairly flattering to wear.

They also have a line of Cycle, Swim, and Triathlete items.

Sundried is deeply passionate about the environment. Where possible, Sundried clothing is organic, recycled and they work with fair trade manufacturers. Sundried are proud sponsors of Surfers Against Sewage.

Sundried produces sunglasses, t-shirts, hoodies and other various items. You can find Sundried in its birthplace Peru, the UK, New Zealand and the USA.

You can connect with Sundried via their website Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stuck In A Route Rut

I have been getting hella bored running around the school track that is across the street from my house.

And the sidewalks in this small town are very limited. Limited to what roads they are on and limited in size and accessability.

If I am not on the limited sidewalk, I am on a country farm road where the speed limit is 50MPH! In town it's just 25 - and EVERYONE obeys it.

I am just in a running route rut. I am SO bored with my running locations. And this whole town is runnable in a day. I don't want to drive to 10 miles to the town for some short trails in the canyon. I feel driving counteracts the whole running thing and I don't think I quite am ready to run there and back. I guess I have just gotten spoiled with having the Boise Greenbelt out my door for so long! I never got bored with the greenbelt!

Do you have any advice for getting excited about the same route over and over again? Should I get creative and have fun with my speedwork? I do think Parkour is out of the…

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

This last week has to have been one of the best weeks of running that I have completed in a LONG time.

 I have been sorta faithful with running at least 3 miles a few days a week for the last month.

I really struggled the first 2 weeks. I think I was really in recovery from lack of sleep for a month and being plain ol' exhausted.

Running one mile was hard 3-4 weeks ago. I had to walk a bit each mile. Frankly, I felt a bit embarrassed.

Running out in the 90 degree desert heat and having no warmer temps above 60 degrees since last year I don't think really was a helpful factor.

The last 2 weeks, the weather has been cooler by 20 degrees (70's instead of 90's)- but I think my leggies have FINALLY remembered what they are supposed to be doing. I have been trying to be patent with myself. Although I am getting bored with running around the red lava rock dirt track.

I don't feel the speed in my leggies yet but I can now run more then 5 miles without taking a walk brea…

Getting Paid To Run

As most runners out there, I want to get paid or make more money while doing what I love. I don't see me really getting to the Olympic level or competing with the Kenyans any time soon....

So, thanks to the BF, we he came up with a plan to make my training runs an income producing opportunity.

We pick up cans and scrap and whatever else we find while out and about.

We have always recycled cans we found and used. He got me to recycle everything to the point where it took MONTHS to fill up a garbage can on trash day. 10 years ago or so when we first met, we used our recycling money as our movie date night money. Now, we are calling it a "Sponsorship."

While in Boise, we varied on how many cans and scrap bits we could pick up. Sometimes too much to carry and sometimes not a whole lot. Trash and recycling services are a little more accepted then in the small town hick town we currently are in. There are no places to recycle conveniently and littering is more then OK for peo…

Run IDAHO - Gone For a Run Review

I had the opportunity to receive a product from Gone For A Run for a product review. This post is sponsored by GFAR and I received the shirt below as my compensation for this bloggie post.

If you have not been to the GFAR website, they have the most seriously awesome running swag and I want everything on the site.

Some of my favorite things on the site are the Ultra Pocket Hat

The seriously cool amount of stickers and decals available - a few of my faves are below -

But since I am from Idaho and this the blog is Run In Boise, I really, really, really love all the Run Your State Swag!

Stone Metal Hooks

Cell Phone Cases 

And of course - shirts!

I really love this! I am very passionate about Idaho and just think this are a perfect fit. The shirt was soft and seemed true to size. I had to take my shirt out on a run near Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho!

Since I usually run Boise, it was fun going to another place in Idaho to get my run on!

I felt proud to sport this shirt around town and…

I've Been Poisoned

Some of this pictures may be a little unsettling for some. Just an FYI. 

When I was in Alaska, I got really sick. I don't know what I had but it was unpleasant and embarrassing. I couldn't stop coughing. I felt like an asthma attack or something where I couldn't breathe and my lungs were irritated in a way I have never experienced. I was given some antibiotics by a coworker and it cleared up.

Coming back home, I felt another sickness creep in about a day or two after I arrived. I felt my throat getting annoyed, I was getting stuffy. Coughing and sneezing. Extremely low energy. Sleeping for 10-12 hours a day. It felt just like a cold. Running has been more difficult then I ever expected it to be. The BF and I went to Boise for 2 days last week (we are not staying in Boise but in some small hick town for other reasons...) and the cold cleared up. No coughing. No more sore throat. But coming back to our small little town, it immediately came back.

I've been to this hous…

Race For The Steaks

The Idaho Beef Council is sponsoring a pro-beef race in Boise October 11, 2014. The race registration just opened today.

Not many details are up yet other then it's an evening start - 4PM, it should be a Greenbelt course, and that there is a 5K and 15K to choose from. Registration is currently $35 until Sept. 7th.

I plan on doing the 5K. I am very excited about this race!

Here is some info on the benefits of beef protein below!

Starting Over From The Beginning

I have been very faithful getting back into the running game since I got back to Idaho July 28th. With nearly 2 months off of running, it really feels like I am starting over from the beginning.

I am totally OK with that.

I was not in a good place mentally to focus on my personal health and healthy running this spring. I was not eating the best and I still was drinking too much. It's been over 30 days since I had alcohol! Thanks to being out in the middle of nowhere Alaska, alcohol was too expensive and working 16 hour days killed any desire for anything other then sleep. The coffee was also bad, I sadly didn't have much of that. But there was plenty of water available. And giving up those toxins for water is always a good thing! I also increased my veggie intake. I was able to lose a few pounds - which is noticeable to the BF & myself, but since I don't have a scale, I don't know how much it is. 

But it doesn't matter. I had a reset button pushed and I get a …