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Four THINGS Friday!

I have a few happy things that I want to share with you.

Yeah, I KNOW it's not Friday. Don't ask where my head has been all Wednesday. I'm so excited about these THINGS that since waking on Wednesday morning, despite being told its not Thursday, I have refused to believe all day it's not the weekend. Oh well. Eff it. I'm pretending its FRIDAY on THURSDAY on Wednesday late night. Deal.Kay.

1. I won on my Dietbet. Whew. I tried one over a year ago and kinda gave up. I had motivation on this DB and I WANTED my money back plus some on this one!
I gave up alcohol and some sugars/carbs. And I drank a butt ton of water. I mean a LOT. "They" always say drink if you are hungry, well, I got to the point where I was SO THIRSTY when I was making an effort to drink water, I was taking water with me EVERYWHERE. So, somehow water really does lighten you up.

I celebrated my WIN today with this recipe in this month's Martha Stewart Living. But mostly because I wa…

Sweatin' Pink for 20% Off!

If you look on the right side of your screen, you will notice that I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador with FitApproach.

Today, there is a special offer for you!

How about 20% off the Sweat Pink Racerback and Tech tees. Use Code SPTS-32es6b34

If you use the code, feel free to lemme know!
Sweat Pink Ambassadors are a tight-knit, fun-loving community of healthy people who support each other in living well and chasing their goals.
The Sweat Pink community brings people from all walks of life to support and motivate one another. We include figure competitors and people on weight loss journeys; newbie runners and ultra marathoners, professional athletes and Zumba fanatics, vegans and paleos, and everything in between.
- See more at: Sweat Pink Ambassadors are a tight-knit, fun-loving community of healthy people who support each other in living well and chasing their goals.
The Sweat Pink community brings people from …

Halloween Running Skirt Making Tutorial

Saturday I did the Halloween 5K with the BF. He hasn't ran in a race with me this last year since he has been back in my life. He's a biker more then a runner. He did do the mile and half mile in high school cross country and won - once. But I thought that it would be fun to have him run in a race with me. So the Twin Falls Halloween 5K is what I chose.

He didn't dress up for the race Saturday, other then as a "runner." He chose an Immersion Research shirt, Patagonia shorts and Brooks True Grits.

I had to sew up a skirt for my outfit. The BF had a cape laying around and it is the perfect amount of straight fabric to make a skirt.

I hate spiders with a passion so I am more then happy to cut this up.

This is my plans. An angled wrap skirt over black tights or shorts seems to be the easiest sewing plan I can come up with. I bought 2" black elastic and 1/2" sparkle elastic for this because I couldn't choose which one I wanted. I decided to go with the…

Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

I know you HAVE to have seen this commercial.

The BF is obsessed with the song that plays during the commercial.

I have been having to walk his mother's Scotty dog, Gus, who has not had as much exercise as he should be getting.

The dog has been going crazy every time he sees me. He knows that I am the one that runs him and he loves his exercise. We call it Scottie Sprints. He can run at a 6:00 min/mi pace but for short lengths. I had to check on the GPS because we all were panting after doing this a few times!

So the BF has just been teasing me about the dog loving his sprints and this song. Singing this song and telling me how the dog is now my best friend. (we really are not pet people, so its kinda funny) I don't want to make his mom TOO mad about taking away her Dog Mom status. Because the dog is paying a little bit more attention to me then she would like.

What is your favorite Harry Nilsson song? Dude has some hits! Have you ever done "doggie sprints?" How fa…

Knockout Panties - Review

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to try Knockout Panties. If you have not heard about this brand, they provide under-things and nighties for women and some underthings for men.

Now, these items are not everyday items. They are patented with their "No Trace" technology - it says it would keep your dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture, dry faster than traditional cotton and absorb odors. Hello! When we workout, (or even at other times!) who doesn't want that?!

I received the Combo Thong

The Fitness Thong                                                           And the No Sweat Bra.

None of the models are me. All are from the website

I have worn all 3 items multiple times and I even wore one of the thongs (right out of the package because I am a brave soul) during my City of Trees Half Marathon. I didn't have any chafing as some items I own may do down there. I didn't feel like it was gross feeling during the race or too gross smelling afterw…

Small Actions = Big Results ~ Join BackJoy’s #PainFreePledge!

This post is sponsored by BackJoy.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, chronic pain affects more people than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined! Back pain alone will impact 8 out of 10 of us at one point or another. 
This is why throughout the month of September and into October, BackJoy -- a company on a mission to fix the way the world sits, stands, moves, and sleeps -- is helping to raise public awareness surrounding pain and pain management by asking people to join their #PainFreePledge. And more importantly, to take a simple step towards positively impacting their immediate and overall health & well-being. While many back pain sufferers have serious back-health issues (like scoliosis or herniated discs), there are those of us that may experience back pain because we sit for 8+ hours a day hunched over a computer, we sleep on our stomachs, or we lift heavy objects with our backs instead of our knees. The reasons for back pain are countless.

We a…

Rim to Rim

I have wanted to do this Rim to Rim race the last few years. Being that Twin Falls - where the race is, is nearly a 2 hour drive from Boise, I never wanted to spring for a hotel or get up early to make the drive race morning. Since fate is different this year, I was able to be in the area when the race is being held!

The BF & I went to scope out the race start the evening before. This area is all new to me!