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Christmas Gifts For Runners - Part 3 - A Gigabody Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by both Gigabody and FitApproach!

I am having a hard time with venturing out of the house to run. With the constant assault of icy 25 mile an hour winds and crappy wintery road conditions inhibiting my travel to run the trails of Sun Valley, I am turning into a small town shut-in a little too easily! No, really, I need the BF to grab me by the scruff of my neck to throw me outside to run!

Thankfully, I can still get my workout - without venturing outside on with Gigabody! Gigabody is a website with high quality streaming workout videos. They have a variety of videos and lengths of time! Without commercials & ads! Anywhere you have an internet connection and a video screen, you can use Gigabody!

You can see on the left hand side, you can easily search style, length, and intensity. Some of the videos are also in HD! There are videos with both equipment and no equipment needed. All of the instructors have nice personalities. All the Gigabody instructors are …

Christmas Gifts For Runners #2

The more I think about it, the more fun gifts I keep finding and want to share with you!

First runner gift post is here.

As a Idaho Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner, I don't really TALK about massage here on the blog as often as I could or SHOULD! Minus the fact this is what I have done for my JOB for 10 years now! Massage, and not just ME massaging YOU, has a TON of benefits! And #2 on my perfect gifts for runners!

* Massage is perfect for recovery. It helps returns the body to it's pre-workout state. With the rubbing, kneading and stretching of the muscles, massage flushes lactic acid out of the muscles and prevents the build up so you won't have so much DOMS after a workout.

* Massage helps with flexibility. Using gentle manipulation and stretching techniques as stated above, it can loosen up scar tissue. inflammation, and tension that is restricting movement.

*Massage helps with improving circulation. And if you happen to have an injury, th…

CSI Santa Run Registration

THIS makes me happy.

A 5k race registration that is a new and unwrapped toy!

No cash or pre-registration

I didn't plan on adding this race to my calendar, but the fact that the registration is going to be a toy this makes me excited. This cheapskate is happy as I already have new items around my house and I have complained before about the cost of some 5K's. I can make this as cheap or expensive as I would like!

If you happen to be in the Twin Falls Idaho area, please join me! It starts at the College of Southern Idaho Gym Foyer.

I planned on adding the Boise YMCA Christmas Run but I guess I have to bump up my running skirt making! I have such pretty fabric that I am excited to show you soon!

Any Christmas runs on your calendar?
Registration of a toy - Yay or Nay?

Christmas Gifts For Runners - # 1

I usually don't do holiday posts for "What to give your runner for X-Mas!!!!" But this year is different. I am going to do a short series of what to give your runner for Christmas!!!! :-)

I don't know about you but we tend to get a lot of junk mail shop at home catalogs in the mail these days. I don't mind... there isn't anything that I just have to buy out of it. Made in China, overpriced, crap honestly.

But they are fun to flip through. There is always something that makes me think "yeah, that could be cool." But never enough to make me buy it.

The BF was flipping through one catalog and noticed something about wine and a sports bra.

I love wine and I use sports bras! Perfect!

Hello to the Wine Rack!

A boobie Camelbak?! This is actually kinda cool! If you need a little more ooomph in the chest and to get your hydration on - this is perfect!

Holy cow! This is for sale on Amazon, too! Affiliate link, FYI.

Is there any other silly running gifts out…

No-Sew Turkey Day Tutu Running Skirt

I'm enjoying being crafty lately! Buying fabric and sewing up new running skirts has been fun! Good thing that this small country town loves to sew, too! The options have been fun to browse for.

The Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot is soon and I already had a plan to wear my Turkey hat from last T-Day.

I wasn't crazy about the whole standard running outfit I wore, however. I didn't wear a skirt for this race!

I needed a skirt that matched my bird! I thought I should go for a camo skirt because there are so many hunters in this area. I thought on it and browsed the interwebs and decided to go with a no-sew tutu instead!

Yes! Perfect! I decided to pick colors that matched my turkey. I even took my hat into the fabric store to make sure I got a tan that matched the bird body the best. (I did 4 yards of tan fabric) I also picked a red and a yellow to match. (1 yard each of the two colors.) And then I happened to find another yard of white in the clearance bin. So about 7 yards of …

Boise's Veterans Day 5K

It's been a while since I have had a super good run where everything fell into place. This Veterans Day 5K went just as smooth as it should have!

I do appreciate our troops. I do support them. I lost a double purple hearted friend a few years ago due to the PTSD from fighting in Iraq through suicide. I know of the struggle he went through and I think about him often. I like to think that he would appreciate me still supporting his sacrifice. I posted more about that in this blog post here.

The bib pick up was hassle-free. I think I was given a Veterans bib instead of a non-vet bib. I got an awkward hug from a lady at the end of the race who thanked me. Hugs are nice and I enjoyed it but she wasn't sure if she should thank me but did anyway. Anyways...

The race started a little late. 10-15 minutes or so for whatever reason. The color guard came out and did their thing during the national anthem.

There was an 11K and a 5K. The 11K was suppose to start at 3:11 and the 5K right…

Finding New Running Routes

I have been very unhappy running since my move from Boise this summer. All of my runs have always felt tough and lots of work. I think I have had one really good run where I was able to zone out and shut off my brain for a bit.

I have been spoiled with running in Boise because the greenbelt was at my front door. It was safe, there was no vehicle traffic and I could go for miles and miles and miles.

With running in a small farming town, I am lucky to find a sidewalk here! I have a middle school gravel track across the street from my house, but with school in session, the time I can run there is limited. If I choose to run out my front door, if I choose to go right, it becomes farm land and the speed limit becomes 50 MPH. If I go left, I have sidewalk through town, but its only 3 miles until I hit the freeway. It then turns to farmland an a 50MPH road. The drivers everywhere here are not used to pedestrians and every run has had a close call so far this summer. (What's funny is that…

Great Pumpkin Run Race Report

Right before Halloween I ran in the Twin Falls Great Pumpkin 5k.

The race ran around the College of Southern Idaho campus.

The night before the race I made my Halloween skirt. I put my Flat Tanya out. I wanted to wear the witch hat during but the wind really picked up so it was pointless to even try.

This was the first race with the BF. I wanted him to experience how hard it is to place in a race with my half-hearted running schedule.

Someone really didn't like the running idea. I may have woken us up a little too early. I woke up at 7am for the 10am race. I really think I should have slept in til 8am. My head was really tired.

The weather was perfect for this race. It was perfect race weather. But it warmed up to over 60 degrees. I felt overdressed with the ProCompression socks. I took off my black Nike ProCombat shirt I wore under my Team Beef shirt. It wasn't worth wearing the long sleeved.

The race started a few minutes late because the kids mile race was finishing up. It …