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Life in Pictures Link Up

I'm joining in link up for the Life In Pictures this week.

I'm mixing things up here up on the ol bloggie. I didn't take too many pics this week, as working out and eating for a bazillion hours every day has been keeping me very busy. But, here is some bits of my week.

A photo posted by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jan 7, 2015 at 9:02am PST
A photo posted by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jan 12, 2015 at 2:03pm PST
A photo posted by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jan 10, 2015 at 2:56pm PST
A photo posted by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jan 13, 2015 at 12:58pm PST

Buddha's Herbs Premium Tea Signature Herbal Tea Sampler - 6 Flavor Tea Gift Set Review

I got a special surprise gift from Buddha's Herbs at Christmas time! (This post is sponsored by Buddha's Herbs and no other compensation was given.)

I got the new Premium Signature Herbal Tea Sampler. It's a 6 flavor box of tea!

Mother nature contains exotic secrets of healthy living handed down to generations over centuries. Modern Science has reached the same result through scientific research. Buddha's Herbs is playing its part in this natural revolution and evolution by making this wealth of natural energy accessible to people. This GIFT PACK contains three of Buddha's Herbs most popular herbal blends along with three exotic Signature Herbal Blends prepared by Master Blenders of Europe engaged in this business since 1883. These sensational herbal preparations signifies Buddha's Herbs Philosophy to makes its humble contribution towards making the society become healthier and wealthier in body and spirit. The product contain only 100 % Natural Ingr…

Weight Loss - Week 1

Week one went better then expected. All of this weight loss is a challenge and it is trial and error.

I did about 95% clean eating. The worst things that I ate all week was generic peanut butter (full of sugar, salt and oils-but it is in my house and I don't wanna buy anything else right now) my coffee (which I refuse to give up) and half and half in my coffee. Oh and I had the Gorton's breaded fish fillets because they are so good and I wanted to up my carbs a bit. I have been so hungry that I am so eager to put anything in my mouth.

The first 3 days of the week was a very strict diet. Lower calories and low carbs. And by carbs, what I am refering to is my quinoa and Ezekiel bread. Healthy, full of fiber, no white flours or sugars type of stuff. The first day, I was fine, but I also was rolling on the high carb stores from the week before. But I felt my legs just couldn't handle what I was fueling it with. So, I had to bump up the carbs more. Which just meant an extra 20…

HyperBiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength Probiotic Review

This post is sponsored by HyperBiotics and no other compensation was given.

This is my second round of trying out a HyperBiotics brand product. I can say that I am a fan.

I tried the Ultimate Immune System Formula and my review is in a previous post. So far, I think that is it helping me workout hard and prevent any colds derailing my progress. You can read my review here.

But with the binge that I had before I started this weight loss challenge, I am very thankful to be trying out these probiotics.  The information below is from their website.
Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Advanced: Uniquely Formulated to Repopulate Your Gut15 Broad Spectrum Strains (including Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus) to effectively counter the nuking effects of today’s broad spectrum antibiotics.
15 Billion Colony Forming Units per BIO-tract® tablet† which is equivalent to 225 Billion CFU (colony forming units) of normal probiotic capsules!††
Kiwi Extract is a Whole Food Superfruit Ingredient, d…

Gortons Seafood 30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge & Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Gorton's and no other compensation was given.

The next 6 months, I am determined to get down to XXX weight. I want to lose XX pounds. (I don't wanna say numbers just in case another competitor is tracking my progress... see previous post for details...) I have been eating extremely clean the last couple of days as I've never really had a very clean diet in the last couple years of running. Hence why I'm a little soft around the middle after all these years...

But as of January 3rd, I'm clean eating. Healthy carbs, plenty of veggies, and lean, healthy protein.

My dinner isn't just boring chicken breast and spinach salad. Nope. I have spinach, quinoa, roasted veggies, and Gorton's Simply Bake Salmon on my plate.

My dinner made me very happy. The salmon was really, really good. Even though it is pretty clean, I don't dread putting it into my mouth even though it is healthy! You know how unpleasant some clean meals are. I know th…

Another New Years Resolution...

This isn't just another New Years Resolution post.

I have a goal, and I plan on meeting it.

I wanted to keep it a surprise until the 3rd of January, when my "official" start is. 

I've entered into a biggest loser style weight loss challenge and I plan on winning! At the weight I have been the last 6 months, I was overweight but I didn't have enough weight to lose to win. I actually spent the last few weeks adding on some pounds. It sounds silly, but I did the maths. My New Years Day 5K time was very embarrassing and almost 10 minutes slower then last year! Thanks alot fatness!
A photo posted by runinboise (@runinboise) on Jan 1, 2015 at 10:01am PST I was very uncomfortable and very unhappy. I went UP a pant size but have spent most of the last few weeks in sweat pants. But with the one with the biggest weight loss gets $10,000, I am so game.

Since I am not working outside the home, I am making working out my job. $10,000 for 6 months is basically a $10 an…

The Ultimate Immune System Formula Review

This product was given for review purposes only and no other compensation has been given. 

Many of the products marketed for immune system strength only stimulate or boost rather than fortify the immune system. This formula is different in that it addresses immune function on multiple levels, promoting authentic and whole-body wellness.

Hyperbiotics have successfully created the dream team when it comes to staying well all winter long, during times of travel or elevated stress levels.

Hyperbiotics Immune is uniquely formulated for advanced immune support:

5 Broad Spectrum Probiotic Strains to counter the nuking effects of today's broad spectrum antibiotics, repopulate your gut and keep you well.

500mg of EpiCor, a fermented (deactivated) yeast superfood that works in three ways - first, it helps strengthen your body’s first line of defense, your skin and mucous membranes. Second, it stimulates the three major types of immune cells. And third, it supports the production …