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6 Months of Hard Work AND...

Enjoy A Private, Guided Wine Tasting! Southern Idaho Only

Uh, Hello June! Hello Bloggie Peeps!

I have not had very much time to sit down and type up much as of late. But I am laying out a lot of seriousness in this post. Just so you know. I like honesty and I hope you do too.

BUT since I am winding down to my weight loss challenge - 21 days left to go to hit my weight loss goal - it's gonna be close. And I have a little bit more time, at least today, to share some things that have been happening in my life.

The stress last month from overtraining (has anyone seriously overtrained?) my car broke down, being really lonely in Po'dunk Idaho without any new friends, having such a struck diet for the last few months, and not being able to devote as much time needed to make money (or blog) because I was working out or recovering, I think I had a nervous breakdown. For realz. I actually flipped out and wanted to kill myself. I tried to call one counselor after it happened when I KNEW I needed help. I NEEDED to talk to someone. I was told that I was too far gone for them to hel…