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EatSmart Body Check Scale Review & Giveaway

This post is sponsored by EatSmart and no other compensation was given.

If you follow on the IG, you noticed I posted about a new toy I received from EatSmart.

One of the things that I used on my weight loss challenge last year was weighing myself every day. I tracked my numbers on the calendar and made sure that the month was ended at a lower weight then the start. I am getting back into the habit of checking in with the scale every morning. So far, this month is ending at a lower weight then where I started from. :-)

The scale that I have been using the past year is fairly basic. It tells me the number. That is it. Its been working for me. But now, this new scale from EatSmart is pretty fancy and I'm pretty excited to use it.

The EatSmart Precision Body Check Digital Body Analyzer is not your ordinary bathroom scale because it quickly and easily measures weight, and estimates body fat, body water, body muscle, BMI, bone mass, and daily caloric intake using BIA electrode techno…

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day
Romance is in the air! Whether you’re a fan of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or not, there’s no denying that this is the time of year to share what you love with the ones you love. How did we come to celebrate all things romantic and sentimental on Valentine’s Day?
You can thank the early Christian Saint Valentinus, who is said to have been imprisoned by the Romans for performing weddings for soldiers & other Christians. Legend has it that Valentinus fell head over heels for the daughter of his jailer, and on the night before he was to be executed for his crimes, gave her a letter inscribed “From your Valentine.” The day of his death, February 14th, has been celebrated with valentines and expressions of love ever since.
So gather your loves and friends close and celebrate the month of amore in style!

Raise a Glass Together:

Whether you’re single or coupled, remember that #WineIsSocial! Invite your best girlfriends over for a night o…

Starting Over Is Painful

Starting up this new fitness plan this week has been quite painful.

I was enjoying my 6 months of lazy. However lazy did put me back at square one with my fitness. I just don't have the endurance of what I had a few months ago. Its been hard. I have not had any experience with DOMS in a really long time. The whole going up and down stairs and standing up after a long time sort of DOMS pain.

The pain feels good since I know that I am making fitness progress.

What pain currently doesn't feel good is this whole juice fasting / cleansing deal.

I'm a little upset that when I received my order, a day of juice (6 bottles) were frozen and broken the seals on the bottles. The lost some of their very expensive contents. I messaged the company but they want to send me more replacement bottles. No, I would like my day of money back. The cleansing is too painful to continue. I miss the act of eating. I also miss my wine. 3 days of juicing, I had to have some wine. It hit the spot. The…

I'm Not Gonna Make A Habit of This

I have not weighed myself since July 2015 or so. I was weighing myself every day for the 1st 6 months of 2015. I know that I have gained weight since then but I did not realize how to maintain. Reverse dieting is a real thing that I plan on addressing in 2016.

To help me along in this process I just joined in the FitOne St. Luke's Weight Loss Challenge. The winner doesn't win what I won last year at my weight loss challenge, but I'm just as motivated. Weigh in is Saturday.

I'm not going to make a habit of joining in on all these weight loss challenges. I've never really "dieted" in my life and last year it was painful and I hated it. During the process, I found a weight and size that I was happy with, so trying to maintain at that particular size is my goal from here on out. 

I treated myself to a new Pearl Izumi outfit. I got a sweet long sleeved at the thrift store for $4.00! The skirt cost me $20 on eBay - New With Tags! Plus I got a killer deal at R…

New Years Day 5K 2016

It's been waaay too long since I have done a race cap, so here goes a short one from one of my favorite Boise runs - the New Years Day 5k.

This was the 5th year in a row I participated in this race. Sadly, with my 6 months off from regular running, my time was about as bad as my first race 5 years ago!

I was using this race as my Coach Jenny Holiday Challenge race, but I forgot my bib in the printer.

This race, as in most races I have been participating in, I never know what to expect. There are days that your train and your body will go into a race with everything going as planned. Or not. I've gotten to a point where its "let's just finish" since I have not been training for anything at this time. I did not sleep very well the night before the race. (ahem NYE chinese buffet) so I was planning on being uncomfortable during the race.

It was about 10 degrees at the start. Strangely, it was tolerable. I did invest in a pair of Pearl Izumi wind blocking tights, tha…

Happy New Year! New Goals!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I don't know about you, but I am ready for this new year and to get back on my fitness track.

One of my main goals for 2016 is to place as a top 3 female in a 5K in the early fall. (I'm not gonna name which one to the interwebs just yet.) 

As most of you know, I am a member of Team Beef Idaho. Along with being a member of Team Beef for 2016, I am also a new member of the Pearl Izumi Champions running team. I'm pretty excited to be a part of the team. I actually do wear quite a bit of PI stuff when I work out. And this gives me an excuse to buy more running gear. :-)

Part of this new year and new goals will be to start a juice detox on Saturday the 9th. I know this is going to be very painful for me, but I know this is something that my body needs. I've enjoyed my wine and unhealthy foods very much, but I am ready to get back on a somewhat clean eating diet. I'm going to miss my wine.

Has anyo…