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SPARTAN FIT! + A Spartan Race Giveaway!

I know a lot of you really love Spartan Race. Did you know that Joe DeSena has a new book out called Spartan Fit! This post is sponsored by Spartan Race and no other compensation has been given.

I got the read and review the other Spartan book by Joe DeSena and I was impressed.
Joe De Sena’s New Book 31 Days. Transform your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit to Grit. No Gym Required.A 31-day workout and diet plan to prepare for the Spartan Sprint — or to just get you in ultimate shapeFull-body workouts requiring no gym and no weightsHow to build fitness levels from one race to the nextInspiring, motivating stories of SpartansA complete Spartan training guide, Spartan Fit! arms readers with the strength, knowledge, and grit to never question their potential again, both on and off the race course.
Testimonials:“Joe DeSena is the real deal. His stories are believable, because his achievements and accomplishments are genuine. In Spartan Up! Joe delivers his message with the i…

FreshyBag Product Review

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a very hoppy Easter weekend. :-)

I have some more fun things to share with the bloggyverse this week, and I can't wait. Were gonna start with the FreshyBag. Whom sent me my own bag to review. No other compensation has been given.
The FreshyBag is an insulated lunch bag. Since I have been meal prepping pretty heavily, its been in my best interest to take a meal with me everywhere I go. The lure of fast food and restaurants are very strong. I find it best if I have a meal with me so that I don't give in to the temptation.

The FreshyBag is portable and I like that it is black, so its fairly neutral and not obnoxious.

From the listing -
STRONG ZIP CLOSURE - to make sure that the coolness stays; keeps the air dry inside. The zip can hold high pressure content. CAN BE MACHINE WASHED - We understand that where there's food, there is dirt and most of the Insulated Lunch Bags out there is not washable because of the materials used upo…

PI Day Fun Run With the Auger Falls Full Moon Trail Runners

As I told you earlier in the year, I became a Pearl Izumi Run Champion Team Member. :-) As a PI Champion, I get to host fun runs on PI day (3-14) and also during other times during the year. I chose to have a PI Takeover of the Auger Falls Full Moon Trail Runners on the March full moon.

I'm a weirdo and have been a member of the Facebook group for a while now, but didn't know how to get to Auger Falls. I knew the general area, but hadn't gone down there. There is some road construction going on, and you have to go through a chain link fence that says Construction Entrance. I seen that sign and turned around. Like I said, weirdo here, but there wasn't any other roads so I had to turn around when I seen 2 other cars go in that direction.

I think everyone had a good time. I brought 2 pies and the group leader brought pizza and pies himself. There was beer and water afterwards. Oh yea, there was plenty of swag for everyone.

I just want to thank a few of the sponsors of my …

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum Review

This post is sponsored by Valentia and no other compensation was given.

I have been lucky to try other products by Valentia before and I have been pretty happy with them in the past. Since I am getting older I am a stickler for what products go on my face. I have to make sure that they don't cause breakouts and are hydrating / anti-aging. I am dreading the saggy, wrinkly old lady skin. Thankfully with the newest products by Valentia, I don't have to worry about that.

I recently added their new Royal Rose Hydrating Serum to my skin care arsenal.
Royal Rose Hydrating Serum - A lightweight serum that boosts moisture and resilience while soothing and calming the skin.
This Hydrating & Nourishing Serum Will:
- Deeply moisturize skin
- Provide antioxidant protection
- Soothe & nourish dry skin
- Smooth skin tone & texture
- Boost skin radiance

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

- Rose Damascena: One of the most nourishing an…

The Bottling…

The Bottling…March 17th, 2015/Alex RebleLifestyle / Winemaker's Journal WineShop At Home is like the other 2,300 bonded wineries in the State; we all need to bottle our yearly wine production. A few weeks ago, we talked about packaging materials. Now the time has come to put it all together for: The Bottling.

The Bottling Line:
In a large-scale operation, there are buildings after buildings dedicated to this single operation. All of these labels, corks, bottles and capsules have to be stored somewhere before and after being used. Our smaller, more hands-on approach uses a mobile bottling line, which is transported directly to the production site.
A bottling line built inside a winery can easily set one back a half million dollars when the cork dust finally settles. This kind of bottling line only makes sense to implement if 200,000 cases of wine or more is bottled each year. The maintenance and storage expense for built-in equipment cannot be justified by all wi…

A Bouquet of Springtime Wine Ideas

A Bouquet of Springtime Wine Ideas
It’s a bit chilly outside, but believe it or not, spring is almost here! If you live in a climate that hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet, you can still celebrate in spring style with these great springtime wine ideas:

Spruce Up Your Surroundings
Nothing will get you in the mood for spring and the warm weather to come like a quick update to your home. Fresh vegetable or flower arrangements will spiff up any old kitchen or dining room table. Switch out your dinnerware and other decorative touches from deep wintery reds and browns to crisp whites, blues, greens or yellows. The key is to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.

Cellar for the Season
Stock your cellar with a refreshing selection of season-worthy wines. With so many tempting varietals of artisan wines to choose from, the easiest way to have a great selection on-hand is with the Artisan Collection™ Wine Club. Choose a 2-bottle or 4-bottle membership of r…