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New Gear - Running LED Light Running Belt

I have a fun new goodie that I am very thankful get to try out.

Its a Running LED Light Running Belt from my friends at Level Up Runs. I am so excited about this running belt because it fits my iPhone 6. The pocket is bigger then it looks in person, but when I start stuffing stuff into it - I can fit in a lot of stuff in something that looks so small. 

The LED light strip is nice and bright and very easy to turn on and off. I picked the red but there are 4 colors to choose from. I'm excited to wear this during the Auger Falls Full Moon Trail run this month and next, along with an evening race this weekend. Also, since I have been playing PokemanGo, this is perfect when doing some of the night time walks around the city. I already have the glow of the cell phone, but for extra saftey, the belt lit up really makes me seen! 

Level Up Virtual Runs only offers high quality products, if you have ever participated in one of our virtual runs then you would know about our high quality and …

When Was The Last Time I Read A Book?

This post is sponsored by Spartan Race and no other compensation has been given. 

Seriously here. Since I work from home, reading just became something that wasn't as important to me. I enjoyed reading during my lunches and work breaks, I think I was plowing through a book a week for a while there. Add that to moving to Po'Dunk Idaho where the library really sucks. Every book I have searched for isn't available. :-(

One of the factors that influenced my decision to upgrade my ghetto iPhone4 after 5ish years is that I can't read ebooks on it because of the apps wouldn't work. My phone was too old and Apple is a jerk. Ignore the fact that my MIL has a 3 year old iPad that has only been used a handful of times that I could have put the ereader app on. But that's another story...

Well, this week, I'm making up for lost reading time. I've read 2 books and starting a 3rd today!

I was able to get a copy of a book I already had - silly but its in storage so …

Twin Falls Firecracker 5K

I did a Thursday evening 5K. The Twin Falls Firecracker 5K. I kinda like this race. I placed in my AG last year but no way was that happening this year.

As soon as the race started it started raining. It was a very windy and wet run.

I Periscope'ed the whole thing! I just upgraded my iphone 4. Yes I had a podunk iphone4 for 5 years. I couldn't periscope anything with it so it had to wait until I eventually got around to a phone upgrade. Am I too late to the whole Periscope thing? I don't wanna Snapchat.

Screen shots from Periscope above. The first mile kinda sucked. Like I said, the rain started as soon as the race started. I'm such a fair weather runner that I can't tell you the last time I ran in the rain. Maybe the Seattle Marathon in 2011? I'm a weather wuss. Anyways, since it was still warm out, I just went with it. Having my phone out was cool because it was such a distraction from how hard the wind was blowing and how much I couldn't see because of …