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Move Over MSA 5K Review

I did another 5K - my 10th one of the year! Although I believe it was my slowest time of the year. I had to go to Boise on a Friday (which is a 2 hour drive) so I decided to make it a 2 day trip and sign up for a Saturday morning 5K. This was in support for MSA and the race was called Move Over MSA.

I spent a good deal of the week before focusing on eating clean and hydrating like a MoFo. I have had such cruddy runs and my legs have been tight and crampy, so I was hoping to have a good run on Saturday. I of course didn't get to sleep until way late and started the race morning with 5 hours of sleep. Never pleasant, but I knew I could nap after if needed.

I had 2 Starbucks Vias with extra Stok shots and 1 slice of leftover pizza. Not the best pre-workout, but at least I ate something 3+ hours before the race start.

I think I have been away from Boise too long, since I could not remember how to get to the high school where the race started. We finally made it there but the school, …

Reasons Why I Don't Follow You On Social Media

I don't know if this makes me look like an ass or not, but there is a pretty good chance I don't follow you on the social media sites that I try to stay somewhat active on.

I think I have my reasons. I only use Twitter and Instagram and tried Periscope but nah.

I think I was most active on Twitter around 2012-2013. I stopped doing twitter chats as I was never around my computer in the evenings when they happened. Being in my fitness funk I kinda didn't even want to go on to Twitter because it would make me feel bad about not being out there and loving my workouts.

I follow over 500 of you peeps on Twitter and I can't keep up on all of your fabulous blog posts and happenings. I have a personal twitter account where I only follow a handful of people and companies. I can engage with them and read my whole feed during the day. I can't do that with the RunInBoise account.

On Instagram, I follow the least amount of people, but with the hashtagings, its easier to connect…

Ark Skincare: Discover the Secret of Beautiful Skin at Every Age Product Review

This post is sponsored by Ark Skincare and no other compensation was given.

I'm rocketing to my 40's, I do what I can to take care of my skin. I try not to wear makeup to bed and I wash my face first thing in the morning. I wear sunscreen and a hat when I can outside. I always use skincare products.

I have never heard of Ark Skincare before but they have an extensive line of products.

About the Product
ARK Skincare is an award winning British skincare brand loved by Beauty Editors at top magazines like ELLE and Glamour ! ARK Skincare products uniquely treat skin at every age providing a daily skin regimen that protects, defends, and defys. Created in England, ARK Skincare products deliver professional, salon grade results using the most innovative natural formulations. The result is a highly effective personalized skincare regime for every individual.

The ARK Skincare family of age targeted products is divided i…

iPhone Random Picture Dump Post

I have some pics on my phone, kinda random, kinda running related, to share with you. :-)

 I had this pic on my phone for a long while. Its a cloud in the shape of an F.

A certain Significant Other was being funny.

 If you see this car driving around in Boise, it is NOT ME. I do wonder who out there thinks that though.

 In Nevada, there are still ciggy machines. Something you don't really go and see anymore.

#Idahome <3

I was trying to get my glow on at the night owl run a few weeks ago. I really enjoy running these evening / night races.

I really love Jaker's. If I could eat this every day, I could. Happy hour house Chardonnay, garlic mashed potatoes and garlic shrimp smothered steak. I need a chocolate fountain of that garlic shrimp sauce!

Speaking of things you don't see anymore. A real payphone!

Tell me something random about your week.

My Year Long Running Funk

As I kind have eluded to in the last couple of running posts, I have been in a funk. For over a year. Since my weight loss challenge that I won in June of 2015, I just mentally burnt out during that and have not recuperated mentally. I am depressed, I miss running in Boise. And I don't like running in my PoDunk town. There is no trees in the desert. So, no shade and I swear the wind is always blowing providing lots of wind resistance for me. Plus, there are a couple of dogs and lots of cars that want to hunt me down.

A photo posted by runinboise (@runningandwineing) on May 10, 2013 at 12:03pm PDT
I miss that. 

I can't shut my brain off to run and enjoy being outside. It kinda sucks. I don't want to hate running but I hate my running environment.

I have been trying to change my attitude to where I can love running again. I've cut back on alcohol so I can lose weight. Again. As much as I loved doing Wine Shop, it led me down the wineing rabbit hole. So since July 1st, I…

What's In My Gym Bag?

I have so much stuff in my running bag. I have an old Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tote that I have used for years. Years! Its held up OK - for the cost, it better! I d wish the straps would fit on my shoulder a little better. This bag goes with me when I go to the gym and if I have to travel out of town to races.

I usually keep the same stuff in the bottom of my bag, I'm so organized. I always throw in my clothes and other stuff on top so its easy to make sure I have what I need.

I always keep some epsom salts and a face mask so I can enjoy a hot post-race bath. But I do have a ShowerPill just in case its gonna be a bit before I hit the shower.

I always keep Starbucks Via, SToK shots, and creamers in my bag because I have to have my coffee pre-race. The blender bottle is for my post-race Slap Nutrition protein powder and some Emergen-C if I have a hard race.

I also have earplugs if I am staying overnight somewhere.

I keep my skin and hair care products minimal.  This is where…

Things I'm Loving / Not Loving

I have some things I would like to share with you. Things that I am loving and not loving.

I'm not loving cardio lately. I don't know if I'm in a running funk (for a year and a half!?) or if its because I'm dehydrated (I've cut my alcohol drinking waaaaay back) or its because I'm  fat (I'm trying to eat 70% clean and move more and joining DietBets.) Or if its just too hot to run at a good pace in the sun. But cardio has just been hard. Not. Loving. It.

Up and at'em early this morning for some hardio running. Slept awfully well last night. So we will see what my leggies can do today! #boise #boiserunner #likeagirl #livingintv #run #runner #runnergirl #running #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #run365 #halfmarathon #halfmarathon #womenshealth #whstrong #teamwr #teamsparkle #womensfitness #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #thisisboise #werunsocial #divasrunning #fleetfeetmeridian #worlderunners #runforit #sweatpink #girlsgonesporty #fitfluential @…

The Power of an Instant Eye Lift from Dynamic Sonic Product Review

This post is sponsored by Dynamic Sonic and no other compensation has been given.

Have you tried any cosmetic products or procedures before? I've done Botox on my forehead about 3-4 years ago. I liked it but I didn't like being able to make grumpy faces when I wanted to convey emotion. Or when I was focusing on gritting out my workout. So the results didn't last very long as they should have.

But I am trying to fight off the visible signs of aging on my face. I have been faithful with using an eye cream for the past 15+ years. (You are never too young to start!) And I always wear sunscreen if I am going outside for any length of time. But I have noticed the upper eyelid sag and it freaks me out. I do need a tummy tuck and an eye lid or face lift does not seem like a procedure I could do without being miserable and hidden away from the world for a month isn't an option.

BUT - this Instant Eye Lift is A Maze Ballz. You can FEEL it working and tightening the skin. I am g…

Friday 5 - Favorite Running Songs

I told you I was going to be blogging more on the reg. :-) I have missed it.

Well, I'm going to share with you my Friday 5.

My 5 favorite songs to play while running.

I don't listing to a lot of music on the radio and when I do listen to the radio, its usually NPR. So, if you happen to be easily offended, the music I like isn't "radio friendly" without some editing. :-)

I really love Hypercrush. The other half & I were lucky enough to see them live in concert a while ago and they are so fun.

#hypercrush #meets #runinboise #squee! #boise #knittingfactory #idahome #concert #wtf #rage #fingersup #werkme A photo posted by runinboise (@runningandwineing) on Jan 9, 2014 at 11:14pm PST

Rage and Werk Me are on my list for sure!

I think every gym meathead (no offense peeps, not sure what else to call ya) love Rob Bailey and DLB. I love the colab with The Hustle Standard and every once in a while, I'll dust off this digital album and get super pumped and motivated…

The Point of the Blog

I have missed you and blogging as of late. I had to search something yesterday I posted waaaay back when as a reference (what was my first GPS watch?) and it kinda struck a raw bloggie nerve. I have a couple of things to share with you soon.

I just never know what to write. It's not that I don't want to share, although IG is WAY easier to get a short post on my current happenings.... I'm sad I don't have the time to research some really informative blog posts, and I just don't want to bore people about running the same route in my new podunk town. oooh look, i ran in a circle on a track :-/ blah it was windy blah blah blah

I decided to look for some writing prompts to help shake some of the bloggie cobwebs out of my hands and brain.

I found one blog prompt that I thought would be fitting. Since I am not blogging as regularly as I was in 2011-2013, I just don't have the same blog reader base as before. I have all you new bloggie faces! :-)

I started this blog in…