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Robie 2017

I didn't do much training for this race this year. I started out the year with the best intentions. I had a training plan in place, and I was hitting up the gym getting in my miles and some cross training in.

BUT then things went off the rails and I really struggled to get them back on. The basement flooded in January and things have been upside down in the household 4 months later.

We couldn't stop the water for some time. It was finding its way every which way down into the basement that it could find. Places that we didn't even knew existed.

The backyard ditch clogged and the melting snow and rain decided that since it can't go that way, its gonna go through the yard and into the house. It was a mess and there was no way to stop it. Sandbags were kinda worthless and the insurance company denied the claim. Thanks, Allstate.

So this is what we were dealing with for a bit. Then it happened again. It was stressful and there was no way I could get any running in as I was…