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Ugly Sweater 5K Race Report

This was my 2nd year in a row running the Ugly Sweater 5K in Caldwell, Idaho. It was a little bit out of my way to drive to, but I thought it was such a good race last year, I planned all year to do it again this year.

I just realized that I did not even log this run into my run history last year! I still have the race shirt but I did not even post about it on my blog! lol


 The weather was as nice as it could have been in Idaho in December. The temps were mild and in the 30's. There has been snow and really strong winds, and it rained the night before the race. But race day, there was icy spots on the path, but no winds and no rain or snow during the race. Last year, it had freshly snowed if I remember correctly, so this year was a nice change.

The race starts out with an ugly sweater contest. The winner got a local wine tasting, a DVD and some hot chocolate mix. I looked around this year for some ugly sweater items to wear, but it wasn't enough to win. That's o…

My Workouts for October, November & December!

Eat Smart Products Weight Tracker & BMI Digital Bathroom Scale Product Review

This post is sponsored by Eat Smart Products and no other compensation has been given. 

I have been working my butt off the last 6 weeks. I am right at the end of two local weight loss challenges. One ends on the 14th and one ends on the 21st. I am ready for them to end, but in a way, I am not. I am enjoying the routine and the progress I have been making! I even took progression photos of the last couple of weeks. I was not expecting to share them because, well, they are just not flattering!

Thankfully, my history with Eat Smart products has provided me with another bathroom scale. This has been very well used as I track myself everyday, but only log in my "official" weight once a week. I have also been keeping track of my BMI and I am proud to say that this is down!

I have reviewed a few of the Eat Smart bathroom scales over the years and I think this one is my favorite out of all of them.

This is my favorite scale because it is not clear! I was having issues with a prev…

Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot 5K Recap

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your turkey day was festive and filled with many thanks and love.

I went and turkey trotted this year. I didn't last year because I was being anti-running, I guess. I made the other half run the 5K with me, too!

This race, the Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot is in the small town of Paul, Idaho and its almost an hour away from me. Even though its an hour away, it is worth it to me to go. This is my 3rd year and you can read my race recap from 2014 here.

The race recap from 2014 is exactly the same as this years. Its crazy. I didn't write one for 2015, but it was all snowy and cold. 2014 and 2018 the weather was almost the same. Near perfect running temps in the 40's. It was raining before the race and it just happened to stop in time for the race. It held out until we started driving back home. It was perfect.

It was a 6am wake up with a pre-run coffee and a Nuun. That was all I consumed pre-race. Not the best fuel but gotta burn those ca…

Onward Shay 5K Race Recap

Sunday the 28th of October, I got to participate (run/walk, I guess?) in the Onward Shay Marathon. I did the 5K. I could walk the half or full marathon, but I know my running place since I really have not been making too much of an effort to work out with a lot of annoying life stuff right now.

This is LAST YEARS Garmin route and my sloggy time.

 This is this years Garmin route and time.

I wore a Team Beef windbreaker jacket I have never wore before. I thought that it was so thin and had vent flaps, I would have been ok at the 48 degree race start. Ugh, no. I was so warm and sweaty half way through it was embarrassing. My hair was soaked and whatever sweat was inside of the jacket, just stayed inside. My coat looked like it just came out of the washer. It will be a good jacket in 30 degrees or rainy and snow, but not for erfect temp trotting.

I guess nothing new on race day. My bad. Good thing that I am not speedy and attempting a PR.

So, anyways. What I liked about this race compar…