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West Valley 5K Walk / Run Review

I made a last minute race entry to a good race this weekend. It is the West Valley 5K Walk Run in Caldwell, Idaho.

I have to start out with this. The weather was just perfect for the race. There were plenty of race volunteers and the post race noms were welcomed.

With all of that, I just was not mentally into running the race. I had a crappy night the night before, and a 5am wake up just had me off my trotting game. My shirt kept riding up with my plumpness, which made the skirt attached to my capri's ride up in the back too. I kept messing with tugging my shirt down and my skirt in the back. It was just flat out distracting.

I went with it and didn't even care about my finishing time. I walked often and was playing PokemonGo on my phone. I was multitasking. :-)

I picked up my bib the morning of. The race was at the hospital in Caldwell. There were lots of medical and healthy living vendors at the race start. There was coffee and cookies from a local coffee shop, a chiropract…

Silk Plants Direct Product Review

This post is sponsored by Silk Plants Direct. No other compensation has been given.

I get to tell you about a great product that I really am enjoying. Silk Plants Direct is a great company with a large variety of products to fit your silk plant and flower needs. Topiaries for outdoors, flowers for funerals and weddings, palms and trees along with single sprigs for building your own arrangements.

I get to enjoy the Peony assortment and it even comes with the glass vase.

I left this arrangement on the kitchen counter and the MIL got really excited about it. It is pretty and she has pretty much claimed it as hers. So, this is would make a lovely Mother's Day gift. They look real and have a nice, bright, colors. They look pretty much as shown in the photo on the website!

These really are carefree and last a whole lot longer then a real bouquet. A quick wipe down when they get dusty is all these need.

I am actually planning on getting a bouquet for my next purchase with the company. I…

Race To Robie Creek Half Marathon Recap

Nothing more motivating to typing up a new blog post then doing a half marathon. :-) FYI - this is a very photo heavy post so be warned.

Saturday was the Race to Robie Creek half marathon. The toughest race in the Northwest. This year was my 6th year in a row to participate in it. A very big accomplishment for me.

I went into this race knowing that I was not well trained. I didn't really train much and nothing at any real distance. The two best training trots were the two weeks before the race when I did some hikes and runs in the Boise foothills. Those were 6 miles each. Totally phoned in my training but no complaints about any of it. I finished and I am not even as sore as I have been in previous years! Win win to me!

I planned on finishing in 4 hours. That is what I was guesstimating on those two 6 milers. I finished in 3:32. This is 15 minutes slower then last year. My finish line video is below.

The race start was a smidge long at the start because of some road construction…