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Hiking Carbonate Mountain

I seen a nice trail last week on the 'gram. I had to ask which trail it was. It looked instagram-worthy and wasn't closed or covered in snow like I expected it to be in the mountains.
I checked the Blaine County Trails site and could not find it listed - and most of the trails are closed so Google to the rescue.

Ok. I can handle steep and physically challenging. I just completed Robie Creek for the 8th time!

The steepness was no joke! It was very steep I had to stop and take a couple of breaks. We went "straight up" then took the switchbacks down. But it was a nice little jaunt that caused some serious huffing and puffing.

It is seriously steep. It was a slow climb for my fat butt.

But the view from the top just can't be beat! Downside, no shade on this trail. This is not a middle of summer noon-time hike. But early spring, with the snow just starting to melt - its perfect. It was very rocky and the other half did this in Teva's. I'm glad I had my Hoka…

Race to Robie Creek 2019 Half Marathon

I attempted to train for this run this year. I really did. Look at all of my previous posts from the past few months. Mentally, I just could not force myself to run in the rain, the icy cold, or the treddy. I just didn't want to suffer. I mean, I am suffering living with my MIL, that it is just HARD to suffer for fun and have to suffer because of a living situation....

Although I could have done more, and I mean more training, I did a little something. Not much. I did maybe the longest treddy walk at max incline of 5 miles. But mostly it was walking with some squats and some little hills in Rock Creek.

However, with as little of training that I did, I am proud to say that I completed my Race to Robie Creek half marathon 5 minutes faster then 2018. :-)

 The day started out not as I had hoped for. The bedroom was really hot for some reason and I kept waking up sweaty. I woke up 3 times sweaty. I even went to bed early and was really hoping for a good night sleep. I woke up 10 minute…