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New Race Plans

Ugh. Is there anyone that does not have a canceled race yet? I am seriously glad that we are all together in the pain of this. I got word on Thursday that my Race to Robie Creek half marathon is canceled and won't be happening the 3 Saturday in April. I am sad because this is the only race I care about all year. My email about the race But then I got an email for my St. Patty's Day 5K on Saturday the 14th is still on, but without water stops and post-race snacks. My email from Thursday That is totally cool. I never drink water in the middle of 5Ks so its no big deal to me. On Friday night I was prepping for the morning. I decided to confirm on the website the start time. Website Notification Oh, look. Its canceled. Did I get an email about this? It went to my spam folder so it was there and they did let us know. They were gonna still mark the course, so I did appreciate that. I had pulled my green race outfit out of storage and I just purchased a new gre

Les Bois 10K Race Recap

I attempted the Les Bois 10K as a training run for Race To Robie Creek. I signed up for it because I enjoyed it last year. I never run in these trails and so it was a nice change of scenery for me. Garmy Deets I did a warm up before the race and felt OK. My sleep was OK. I wasn't gonna blast any course records but just wanted to get the miles in on the trail. I have had a half marathon coming up. The race crowd I gave myself shin splints in January and they are not perfect. I was feeling the front of my shins just so crampy and tight for the first 2 miles. I did a run/walk thing. At the start They finally loosened up with a mile left to go until the turnaround. I did do more walking then what I would have preferred. Walking for the camera. At the turnaround, it was a nice downhill. I wasn't gonna blast downhill but I stayed a pretty consistent pace almost the whole 3 miles. I did do 7 trail miles the day before so my quads were burning on this do